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Competitive Bathroom Supply

We have built strong relationships with a number of leading bathroom brands,

selected always with quality and value in mind. 

If you've already been quoted elsewhere, please bring us the quote and let us beat it.

Brochures from some of our suppliers

Heritage Brochure Nov 2022.PNG
Eco August 2023.PNG
Armera Oct 2023.PNG
Novum brochure Oct 2023.PNG
R2 Brochure July 2023.PNG
Hib brochure Oct 2023.PNG
Crosswater Enclosures Trays & Baths July 2023.PNG
Miller catalogue Sept 2023.PNG
Abacus Tiles 2022.PNG
Claygate April 2023 V36.PNG
Johnson Tiles Stocked Collection.PNG
Crosswater Furniture & ceramics July 2023.PNG
Q4 Brochure July 2023.PNG
Abacus 2023.PNG
Zehnder Jan 2021.PNG
Malmo March 2023.PNG
Crosswater Brassware July 2023.PNG
Baths Roper Rhodes Aug 2023.PNG
Abacus Bathroom Concepts 2023.PNG
Roca Brochure 2023.PNG
Splendour Winter 2023.PNG
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