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How do I measure my bathroom?

Most of the time, our customers can measure their own bathrooms for us. Even if you don't want an installation, it is always helpful to bring accurate measurements when you come to the store, so we can advise what will work for you.

Here is a quick guide to help you get the right measurements:

Here is an example from a customer.

They did forget to measure the boxing in the corner though!

If you have any sloping ceilings, just measure the height where the slope starts, the height where it finishes, and the horizontal distance between the two points. 

Its also good to make a note of where the current radiator is, and if the pipes come out of the wall or up from the floor. 

The other thing that's good to do, is take some photos of the room on your phone; sometimes it helps us understand a room better... 

plus then you'll have a record of what it was like 'before' you had a Panoramic Bathrooms makeover!

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